Shriya Boppana

Shriya Boppana, Miss India America 2020, is an undergraduate Business student at Carnegie Mellon University. Passionate about bringing gender equity change to underserved countries, she has authored many articles on the Savior/Cinderella complex surrounding acid attack victims in India. This later led to her partnering with the Save Our Stars Foundation's MedLove project to work towards eradicating child and female sex trafficking. After becoming Miss India America, she hopes to use the platform to encourage donations to help bring the foundation to India. According to a report by the National Human Rights Commission of India, 40,000 children are abducted each year and 11,000 go untraced. But these numbers suffer in comparison to the 12,000 and 50,000 women and children who are brought into the sex trade from neighboring countries. She plans to save these victims and together, with SOS, is on track to become an official United Nations partner to eradicate human trafficking worldwide and bring ground troops to increase victim reach.

Please join her on her journey at and donate to save thousands of lives.

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